Pirwa Hostels Franchise

Joining the Pirwa Hostels Team

Pirwa Hostels provides more than just affordable accommodation for backpackers and travelers exploring South America- we provide an experience. Our dream is to offer travelers from around the world all of the services they need as they travel through South America. Thus, we are not looking for franchisees in the sense of an additional income source- we are looking for long-term partners who can help us continue to strengthen our brand and our offerings.

With most new businesses, building a reputation takes a considerable amount of time and money, but you can ameliorate this by teaming up with an established name, product, and service. Pirwa Hostels has grown substantially over the last decade, spreading throughout Peru and into Bolivia thanks to a careful attention to customer satisfaction and a variety of offerings which address our guests' needs:

  • Affordable, Comfortable, & Secure Lodging
  • Fun Social Areas & Events
  • In-house Bars, Fast-Food Stands or Restaurants
  • Transport Services
  • Attraction Admissions
  • Guided Tours, Treks, and Other Excursions
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