ATV Maras, Moray Salt ponds & lagoons

Our ATV Adventure will be very exciting because we can accelerate in free terrain and enjoy the beauty of the landscape at full speed, arriving to see the lagoon of Piuray and the lagoon of Huaypo where the settlers still practise the artisan fishing.

Also we will observe the famous agricultural Laboratory of the Incas in-Maras and the salt mines of Moray where it is still extracted for the human consumption and as treatment of beauty, many of the settlers sell this mineral in the entrance of the Salt mines.

Maras, Moray, Salineras y Chinchero

Itinerary of ATV Maras, Moray Salt ponds & lagoons


Our Tour starts early around (7 am) where we will pick you up from your hotels heading northeast of the city of Cusco where we'll appreciate a beautiful scenery when we reach the viewpoint of the 5 spectacular Snowy (APU's for the Incas).

We will arrive at the base camp to collect the ATVs after explaining our safety guide and other details of the road.

We will continue to the town of Chinchero passing through the artisan market that has as a unique detail in the embroideries of the looms.

From there we will continue the adventure to the next lagoon of Huaypo where we will have lunch and share some agricultural activities with the inhabitants of the place.

Then we will make a descent to the Agricultural laboratory of the Inca Empire in Moray and continue our excursion to the salt mines of Moray.

Throughout the tour we will have to view the Snowy of the Verónica and the Snowy  Chicon, in our trip also pass through the archaeological center of Checco.

Finally Our trip ends up returning to the base Camp in Cruzpata where our transport will take us back to Cusco.

This program includes

  • Pick up from hotel
  • Transportation (Shared service)
  • Professional Guide
  • Vehicle (ATV)
  • Safety Equipment
  • Box Lunch



Box Lunch

This program includes

  • Admission to Moray (Tourist ticket S/70 soles)
  • Entrance to Maras Salt S/.10 per person
  • Return to the hotel

What to bring

  • Passport
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses.
  •  Raincoat (between October to March)
  • Camera
  • Cash