South Valley Tour: Tipon- Pikillaqta- Andahuaylillas

The second most traveled valley in Cusco is the southern Valley, and we are very sure you heard about this tourist circuit because in all the way you have, archaeological ruins of the Inca and Hispanic times.

We Have An impressive sample of the water management of the Inca era and the best paintings and frescoes in the various chapels where We will pass.

Its climate is very pleasant, it is warm and temperate, where visitors make this tour to complement their visit to the tour of Cusco.

Undoubtedly the Sacred Valley located to the north of the city of Cusco is of the best tours to develop out of the city, it is necessary to travel the south to understand partly of its route to the Wari culture, before the Inca and the marvel of its engineering in the management of the water.

The best way to get to know the Inca Empire is to avoid touring only the classic tours (tourist routes plan, but also to tour all the connections to the city.

The Southern Valley: Inca and Pre-Inca

This Valley represents to the entrance and also to L to connection of Cusco with Puno.

A very clear vestige in the development of the Inca Empire and is an experience full of Hispanic culture in the temples. This Tour is perfect for the staff who want to know archaeological sites with little company. All This southern valley of Cusco was inhabited originally by the man of Pre-Inca cultures.

The Pre-Inca culture of the Marcavalle Human settlement was the first in Ascentarse in the whole valley with an average of 1000 years before Christ

The best Circuit of the South Valley: Inca route and Pre-Inca

This circuit in the South Valley, Will show Us beautiful natural and cultural landscapes. As well As The authors of a magnificent hydraulic architecture that was made in Tipón and Piquillaqta (see below) our taste for art will be impressed by the quality of canvases made by the Cusco school and some Inca painters very Recognized.

In the town of Saylla have a culinary specialty "Pork Rinds" and "Guinea Pig" recognized throughout Peru and was also represented by many chefs but only one led the brand "PERU" in their dishes internationally "Gaston Acurio".

This Culinary tour can only be done on private tour as well as be organized as part of the trip between the tourist destinations of Cusco-Bolivia or vice versa.

What can we see in the southern Valley?

Here we will show you a set of tourist attractions that will be seen on the route of the South Valley.


In the Inca epoch, the god Wiracocha commissioned to the settlers to create a garden called Typen; Today it is one of the best examples of terraces Inca still well preserved and in perfect condition. These platforms are fed by small mangroves that seep into the "Apu Pachatusan" mountain.

We can Also see small temples, irrigation canals and aqueducts. We will be Able to appreciate this Archaeological Complex to 24 km of the city of Cusco


It Is The only set of pre-Inca constructions of the Wari culture between the years of 700 and 900 after Christ. Nearby there is another pre-Inca site called Rumicolca that made toll payments to travelers.

Anda Huaylillas

In ancient times it was a colonial city where they built a church that was better known as "The Sistine Chapel of Cusco"
During the way back to the village of Saylla, we will enjoy the typical Cusco food where we mentioned earlier mind, Pork Rinds, pork roast, piglet and the Chairo soup that is prepared even since the time of the Incas.

Tipon, Pikillaqta, Andahuaylillas

Itinerary of South Valley Tour: Tipon- Pikillaqta- Andahuaylillas


Our Excursion starts early and our first stop will be in Tipón, where we know more about the hydraulic works, about the water distribution system to each plot as well as the fountain with its wonderful channels, our route takes us to Pikillacta, a place where urban organization shows how it used to be around. We'll Appreciate a combination of scenery and history above all!

Our Final destination will be to arrive to Andahuaylillas in its famous colonial temple, known as "The Sistine Chapel of America", where we will find a large collection of Cusco paintings, murals dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth century.

We Also appreciate the famous "Puerta Pentalingue". Inside This temple you can see the famous inscriptions in five languages, which was completely covered in gold.

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  • Ticket Entry to temple Andahuaylillas S/.15.00 soles

What to bring

  •     Passport
  •     Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses.
  •     Raincoat (between October to March)
  •     Camera
  •     Cash