Rafting Urubamba River + Zip Line

There is No emotion stronger than facing the power of nature! The Rapids in the brave waters of Cusco frighten the weaker heart and strengthen the adventurers who take the challenges as an experience of life.

The Rafting Tours in Cusco are unique adventure experiences that envelop unforgettable landscapes.

These will be the most memorable moments of your life!

The Andes Mountains have very steep and uneven areas where rivers traverse them forming dangerous areas that would overturn the raft. But Don't worry our experienced guides will pass them by without any problems.

Don't Be surprised if tourists come from all over the world to challenge themselves in the white waters of the Urubamba River.


Itinerary of Rafting Urubamba River + Zip Line

Itinerary – Rafting in the Urubamba River: Extreme Adventure in the Urubamba River Valley

The best place to start canoeing in the river is when the water is high, and it is in Cusipata

Our Tour starts early where we will pick you up from the hotel to the boarding area for approximately 2 hours, passing through picturesque areas, in the camp we move from clothes to a wetsuit, a life-saving vest, a helmet and a paddle.

After an informative talk of how to drive the boat and how the support team will be organized in the river. Our Adventure Begins!

We will throw the raft towards the river where we will also learn some commands for when we are in the rapids. In the beginning the river is soft and it is the perfect time to practice the commands.

The potholes in the river are coming closer and we will notice how the river hardens and we will have to paddle.

The Rapids will make you soak even if you fall into the river if you are not well-adjusted, and with the cold water you will be thankful to wear a wetsuit.

The most important Thing is to follow the instructions of the Guide according to the commands and paddle with all its forces to maintain the direction and balance of the boat.

In some part the river calms down where we can give a break to the next rapids.

In the Urubamba River The rapids are class II and III, but in the rainy season from December to March reaches class IV, The Rapids have the difficulty scale of I to IV according to their hardness of the waters and are formed by large rocks and hollow between the rocks On the river bed.

This venture facing the nature of the Andean rivers lasts an average of 2 hours and a half, if you are risky and you can swim regularly jump to the river, do not run the risk of drowning because the support team is always close to the boats in special kayaks For ransoms.

Also The guide of your own raft could take you to the shore or climb back to the raft.

Finally you will get back to the camp where you can dry yourself and change with warm clothes and enjoy a delicious lunch.

In the afternoon we will do the Zipline/Canopy that crosses the Urubamba River with four cables of one hundred meters each where we have to overcome our fear of heights.

The Adventure will end with our return by bus back to Cusco.

This program includes

  •  Pick up from hotel
  • Transport
  • Rafting Equipment: helmets, life jackets, spray jackets, wet suits, paddles & Raft.
  • Professional Guide Adventure
  • Lunch (Optional - Vegetarian lunch, prior information)
  • Photos and Videos at the request of passengers, with an additional charge
  • Safety Kayaker
  • Zipline


This program includes


What to bring


  •  A complete set of dry clothes
  • A pair of sandals or tennis shoes for the river, they get wet
  • A small towel
  • Sunscreen
  • A bathing suit to wear under the wetsuit
  • A good positive mental aptitude