Chauchilla Cemetery

During this tour you´ll receive an understanding of the history of the Nazca culture, seeing the mummies of the ancient necropolis of Chauchillas, learning about the methods of creating the region´s famous ceramics from a local potter using the same techniques that have been in use for thousands of years...

Chauchilla Cementery

Itinerary of Chauchilla Cemetery


The tour to the cemetery of Chauchilla, generally takes place after or before the flyover of the Nazca Lines. Our clients will be picked up at their hotels. The archaeological zone of Chauchilla is situated in a deserted zone, approximately 28 kilometers from the city Nazca. It is accessible from the Panamericana Sur, within more or less 20 kilometers and a diversion of 7 km. Many years, this pre-Inca cemetery was plundered from people in search of treasures. These destroyed the tombs and robbed all the treasures, which belonged to the mummies. The depredators robbed only the valuable objects (ceramics, textiles, objects made out of gold, silver etc.) and they left the cadavers completely extradited to the desert. These still can be seen today. Besides the skeletons and skulls, you can also see tombs in great state with more than thousand years of age, long human hair pigtails and mummified children in perfect state.

Later we will explore the zone of Chauchilla, return to Nazca and visit the firm of a potter, who will give us more details about the evolution of the civilization of Nazca and will show us, how the man of this culture produced their beautiful and colorful ceramics, for two thousand years. To finish our tour, we will visit a place where miners had to work under extreme conditions to extract the gold of the rocks. The technique, they used can be traced back to the colonial times and includes the use of big mortars, a lot of water and quicksilver. There will be a minor / exhibitor, who will explain the entire process in detail, which encloses the above mentioned work.

This program includes

  • Pick up at hotel in Nazca.
  • Private vehicle.
  • Transfer to the hotel to finalize the tour.
  • Professional guide.


This program does not include

  • Entrance to Chauchillas (10 soles).
  • Extras.

What to bring