Sandboarding on the White hill in Ica

In this tour you can jump with your board from the peak of the white hill which is a dune situated in the Nazca Valley and has an altitude of 2078 m above sea level, from where you can enjoy a wonderful natural landscape, with surrounding dunes which offers the perfect scenery to practice sandboarding since it has a fall of more than 800 meters from where you will have an experience loaded with adrenalin.

Ica White Hill

Itinerary of Sandboarding on the White hill in Ica


Our sandboarding program is an adventure that combines hiking, natural scenery and lots of fun. In this tour it is recommended to start around 05:00 am, before the sun rises. Our local guide and driver will pick you up at your hotels at the indicated time and then we will drive with our vehicle to the foothills of the Peruvian Andes. After about 30 minutes, we will begin our trek towards the top of White Hill. Our guide will indicate an exclusive route to reach the top of this dune in an easy way that becomes more challenging once we reach the sand slopes of the top, so it will take us about 3 hours to reach the top.

In our tour you can appreciate the unique landscape of the Andes, as well as the changing forms of sand in this region.

Once we have reached the top of Cerro Blanco, we will take a well deserved rest. Next, we will have safety instructions from our guide to begin to practice through some of the many dunes that exist around the peak. Here, our guide will explain the information needed to learn how to use the boards. Once we have enough practice, we will slide down the dunes. The length of the final fall is about 600 meters, which will be a downhill filled with adredaline.

The final jump will take us to the border of the dune, where we begin our approximately 30-minute walk to the pick-up point, where a vehicle will be waiting for us to return to the city.

This program includes

  • Pick up at our hotel in Nazca.
  • Private transport to the km 28.
  • Boards for Sand Boarding.
  • Sand Boarding Guide.
  • Emergency phone.
  • Transfer to our hotel at the end of the tour.


This program does not include


  • Extras & tips.
  • Accommodation in Nazca.

What to bring