On Ica

The city of Ica is located in the desert coast of Peru to the shores of the Pacific Ocean, is known as "the miracle in the desert" as it is a producer of abundant harvests of asparagus, cotton and fruits, as well as that is the city leader (and better) producer of wine. Its famous campinas, are enormous wine-producing farms where you can buy quality wines and know the process of elaboration during the visitias guided tours they offer.

Most of the tourists who come to this part of Peru, located at the oasis of Huacachina infinitely more attractive than the city of Ica, although Ica has many reasons to be proud: the best museum of the south coast of the country is located here, where there are exhibits valuable pieces of the Paracas culture, and possibly the best winery of the Peru is also here

The department of Ica is the only one that doesn't have Andean mountains in all its territory, presents a relatively hilly territory, with extensive pampas desert and some valleys. In addition to the Huacachina Lagoon, which has water thermo-medicinal, here we find the mysterious Nazca Lines, etched on the desert, and the Paracas National Reserve, where you can see many species of marine fauna and accidents, such as the Cathedral, coastal cliffs and islets, and embedded a figure similar to the Nazca lines known as the Candelabro..

Its climate is warm sub-tropical and dry, and its average temperature is 22°C although in winter could reach 7°C and the summers are quite hot in which its temperature reaches 40°C, especially in the city of Ica.

There are a variety of cultural and adventure tours organized from the city of Ica.