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It is located in the heart of the Sacred Valley in the district of "Lamay". Between the towns of Pisac and Calca approximately 10 minutes each.

Sacred Valley Lodge, Our cozy cabaña in the private Villa Lamay condominium is located in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas , in the beautiful Lamay district in the Calca Province of the Cusco Region. It's midway between the picturesque valley towns of Pisac and Calca, and about 10 minutes from each. The rustic cabaña has been constructed using local materials such as adobe mud-brick and stone, with a wooden rooftop supported by eucalyptus trunks.

The condominium complex boasts ample green areas, an oven, pool, fish farm, parking lot, and a play area for children. All of these, like the cabaña itself, are harmoniously integrated with its natural location and the majestic mountains which surround it and which doubtlessly will be the perfect complement for an unforgettable stay.


The cabaña boasts a large green front yard and a small back patio. The first floor houses a living-dining room with varnished stone accents, including a romantic stone fireplace; it's connected to a kitchen with islands and a stone sink. There's also a complete common bathroom finished with rustic tiles. All of the cabaña's bathrooms have showers with hot water 24 hours a day. Finally, there is a very large married double room with a private bathroom. Climbing the wooden and metal steps, you'll reach the second floor, which houses two twin double and four single rooms, as well as a complete common bathroom.

Nature-lovers are shore to enjoy the stalactites and stalagmites of Huispan Cavern (Gruta de Huispan). The cavern is found on a hill, and can be reached by a 10 minute climb on a stairway. Thanks to a legendary apparition of the Virgin of Fatima more than a century ago, pilgrims undertake the climb on their knees to demonstrate their faith and repentence, especially on May 13th.

Another lovely natural spot is tranquil Pachar Chumpe Lake, which is perfect for fishing or simply lounging in the sunshine. You can sample local cuisine prepared with freshly caught fish from the lake, making it a great place to commune with locals as well as nature. Departing from the main square, you can reach the lake by car in 45 minutes or by foot in 2 hours.

You can relax at numerous nearby hot springs such as those of Qaqato (or Ccaccato), whose pools fluctuate between 17°C and 23°C. There's a small entry fee, and they are open at all hours of the day.

Available Rooms

Double Ensuite in Sacred Valley Lodge


  • Room with married bed
  • Private bathroom
  • Towels included

USD 40.00

Approx. EUR 37.60 / PEN 131.20


* Sales tax not included

 Double in Sacred Valley Lodge


  • Shared bathroom
  • Towels included

USD 35.00

Approx. EUR 32.90 / PEN 114.80


* Sales tax not included

Single Ensuite in Sacred Valley Lodge


  • Shared bathroom
  • Towels included

USD 25.00

Approx. EUR 23.50 / PEN 82.00


* Sales tax not included

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Facilities & Services

  • Kitchen
  • pool
  • Living
  • Tv
  • Hot water 24h
  • Security
  • Fireplace
  • Parking
  • Recreational Places
  • We accept credit cards**
  • * Private rooms only
  • ** Visa carries an additional 6% charge. MasterCard carries an additional 8% charge.

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Pirwa Sacred Valley Lodge

Private Condo Villa Lamay - District "Lamay" - Sacred Valley
Between the towns of Pisac and Calca approximately 10 minutes each.
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